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Villa of Suances


A succession of smooth hills and valleys forms the beautiful places crossed by the confluence of the rivers Besaya and Saja, and a steep and escarped coast, modeled by a series of coves and beaches, is the natural zones that the municipality of offers us to Suances to enjoy.

We discover fascinating places from where to descry all the enchantment of the nature: the viewpoint of Cortiguera, the stop of Bridge-Provision, the viewpoint of the district of Cuba, the Punta del Dichoso, Punta Ballota.

Given to the extraordinary conditions and natural means of which it enjoys the municipality, it exists an ample one and varied supply of sport activities that serves to attract the municipality to multitude of sportsmen and fans, like the prestigious Match the Voley-beach International.

Another one of the favourite sports is surf, that finds in beaches of Suances the suitable place for its practice.

Lodgings guide
of Suances in Cantabria.

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