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Villa of Suances


Within the simplicity of the mountain artistic patrimony, Suances lodges small treasures you enter those that emphasizes:

Casapalacio of Fernando Velarde in Hinojedo, with a great one portalada and baroque shields, and the shielded house of the Polanco in portalada Suances with, that dates from the s. XVII

The district of the Cuba of great marine flavor still conserves part of his tipismo.

And in the peninsula of the Happy one, next to the light, we have rest of the construction that at the time lodged the coastal defenses of the Torco, s. XVII The church of Ntra Mrs You are contiguous of Them risen on another previous medieval one, the church of San Pedro and the hermitage of Ntra. Mrs of Guadalupe in Tagle, is examples of the religious architecture of the municipality.

The Romance church of Santiago, located in Ongayo, is witness of passage of pilgrims of the Coastal Way of Santiago.

Lodgings guide
of Suances in Cantabria.

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